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Swimming pool build and repair

Mesa AZ has one of the hottest climates in the nation, reaching temperatures of 115 or more in the summertime. There are tons of swimming pools in the Mesa Arizona area, and who says that your property can’t have one! Are you tired of needing a pool membership that you have to keep paying for, that has limited hours, and you have to go out of your way to get to a pool? Not to mention sharing it with a bunch of others who want to go swimming too. Having a pool installed in the backyard might be the next addition that needs to be made. 

Luckily, here at Pool Builders Mesa AZ, we have the experience of making underground pools in Mesa and surrounding areas for many years! We are an extremely proud pool installation company and we commit the highest quality pool work and materials to every customer of ours. Attention to detail is the reason our customers refer so many clients to us, and trust us to service their friends and family. Choose the #1 pool building company in Mesa today!

In the summer, relaxing poolside is one of the best ways to end the day. Mesa has intense summer temperatures and taking a refreshing dip in the pool can be heaven sent. However, having a pool membership to a public pool is really not the way to go. Nobody wants to get home from a long day at work, looking forward to the pool, only to show up at the public pool and it’s absolutely packed! All the chairs are taken, there’s nowhere to set your belongings, and tons of children loudly running around. That is not what was in mind when thinking about relaxing poolside!

Sometimes privacy is wanted and it’s hard to relax by a pool with other loud people around. If installing a swimming pool is what’s right for your property, then give us a call! We will gladly give you a no obligation, free instant quote for a pool build.

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At Pool Builders Mesa AZ, we offer a number of services and have perfected these at our company for years:

• Installation

• Repair

• Pool tile

• Pool deck

• Above ground

• In ground

Installations come from customers who want a brand new pool added to their backyard. Pool repairs come from broken or damaged concrete, either on the pool deck or the bottom of the pool. Tile repair might be needed too, sometimes design patterns that are made out of tile get chipped, cracked, or broken off completely. We can install or repair pool tile, pool decks, above ground pools and in-ground pools! Call Pool Builders Mesa AZ to determine the quote for whatever service is needed!

Above ground pool installations do not require as much work as in-ground pool builds do. This makes for a very cost effective alternative to any swimming pool desires wanted in the backyard. All that is needed is the proper size of above ground pool, and proper anchoring for the support frames of the pool (this keeps it from breaking due to water pressure inside the pool). In all reality the sturdiness of the pool would be enough, but we use added measures of safety and quality to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Pool build pricing

How much does an in ground pool cost? Well the short answer is it depends on what is wanted. There is no one size fits all for pool costs. In America the average cost to build an in-ground pool is $39,000. Now since this is an average, that means that there are pool builds lower than that, close to $20,000 or in-ground pool builds that exceed that.

Depending on location, or what features are wanted in the pool, builds could cost even multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here at Pool Builders Mesa AZ, we can give you a free instant quote depending on what features you are thinking about in the pool!

The 4 factors that will determine how much a pool build will cost are:

• Location

• Time of year 

• Type of pool 

• What you buy 

The first factor that will affect a pool price is location. Location in the country affects prices of labor, and cost of materials. It will affect the supplies that are available, and subcontractors that are available, and will dramatically affect how much it costs to build in each region. Arizona in general is very hot, so the demand for pool builds in Mesa AZ are higher, therefore the cost of a pool will be lower.

The second factor that will come into play is time of year or season that it’s purchased. Everyone thinks about buying a pool in the spring and summer when it is just starting to get hot or it is really hot. Buying a pool in the off season is the smarter move, in the winter months when it is not so hot out and the pool companies don’t have as much demand for labor. Not to say it’s a ripoff buying a pool in the spring or summer, but dollar for dollar it is more valuable to have a pool installed in the off season.

Type of pool is the third consideration and a big one to make. There are 3 types of pools, vinyl liner, concrete pools, and fiberglass pools. The vinyl liner pool will be the cheapest option, and the concrete and fiberglass are more often the same price. 

Consider not only the initial price, but the lifetime ownership of the pool as well. Some pools cost more to own than others, the vinyl liner pool usually needs replacing every five to ten years, and there are other maintenance costs to take into consideration. 

The fourth and final factor to consider is what you actually buy. There is a bare bones base package that can be bought, or you can go all out and get all the bells and whistles for this pool installation. This is the point where we sit down with you and talk about the different features that are wanted in this pool build. We hash out the specific prices of each and every feature that is wanted in the new pool and what can fit your budget. 

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